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金沙娱乐手机版:Adjustment brings layout opportunities

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内容摘要: Opportunities often appear in the market fluctuations, the market plunged yesterday, the reporter integrated Bo, investment, GF, intermedia...

Opportunities often appear in the market fluctuations, the market plunged yesterday, the reporter integrated Bo, investment, GF, intermediation, Morgan Stanley Huaxin fund company point of view, of which, a number of fund companies that the immediate adjustment of yesterday's incentive is US stocks sharp correction, which also gives the market an opportunity to layout, 2018 market there is a structural opportunity, more optimistic about the underestimate of the value of the big financial, benefit from the upward inflation in consumption.

sharp correction in US stocks is the incentive

Boshi Fund believes that the recent adjustment from the A-share point of view, there are two reasons: on the one hand, since 2018, starting the year at global stock resonance case, the A-share market also appears more On the other hand, negative factors such as global and domestic macroeconomy such as inflation expectation have recently been concentrated in the market and the risk factors in domestic liquidity have also started to appear in stages.

"On the one hand, the adjustment of the A-share market is related to rumors of clearing trusts, performance mines and information disclosure regulations without any transitional period on the one hand, and the sharp drop in the U.S. stocks on the other. To a large extent affected the short-term risk appetite A shares. " Cathay Pacific Fund said. In fact, many fund companies that the US stock adjustment on the A shares little effect. GF It means that the United States stock adjustment is actually more of the A shares are currently market sentiment, some funds flow hedging, did not see the fundamentals of the risk. In this context, the view on the market is neutral and the possibility of systemic risk is not high.

Rongtong Fund also believes that A-share short-term emotional disturbances, long-term slow cow trend has not changed. The domestic economy is in a moderate recovery channel, and financial de-leveraging has also significantly reduced the probability of systemic financial risk. The long-term A-share fundamentals remain solid.

Mabuchi Huaxin said that in the medium term, the trend of A shares will be more affected by its core value such as its own valuation, performance and interest rate of . At present, China's economic fundamentals are still tough and corporate profits have not been affected by the external market. At the same time, the spread between China and the United States is at an all-time high and has some room for protection. After a period of pre-adjustment, the valuation has dropped. The risk of the "valuation bubble" like that of the US stock market is lower and the probability of the major indices continuing their sharp downtrend is lower.

optimistic about the market outlook, financial, consumer and other

"A-share market fell sharply provide better Jiancang opportunity." investment fund said, in fact, A shares since last year has been a structural differentiation market, the vast majority of stock The decline did not begin shortly, with the effects of endogenous factors. Future investment funds are still looking for structural opportunities in the A-share market, paying more attention to the match between earnings and valuation and the certainty of performance, focusing on undervalued large-scale finance, benefiting from the upward trend of consumption and supply-side logic cycle.

Haitong also said that the current A-share biggest advantage is the bank plate valuation level is relatively reasonable. Over the past year - 2 years China's economic recovery, the bank's bad debt levels also dropped significantly, the release of strong motivation. As the A shares of the weight plate, the banking sector so robust the subsequent index fell sharply less likely.

It is fair to say that investors in China-Europe Fund do not need to worry too much about the volatility of short-term stock indices. Instead, they should have confidence in the resilience of the Chinese economy and the medium- and long-term growth momentum. The performance of individual stocks and their certainty deserve more attention. In investment research, we should pay more attention to fundamental analysis, we can tap the value of the underlying depth.

Chinese Entrepreneurial Fund Strategist Zhang Boye pointed out that in the context of macroeconomic and political stability in 2018, the A-share market has a low probability of shrinking the valuation and has some room for revenue. The short-term callback may also make the market more investment-valuable . Among them, the financial, real estate and some of the cyclical species both defensive and offensive attributes, may be concerned about the investment opportunities brought about by the plate overshoot.





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